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    "You saved me so much time and effort in finding employment, what a life saver! I'm now working for a major online medical transcription company. Now I can truly enjoy the freedoms of working from home, earn a great income and spend more time with my family." -- Lisa 


So many people think that you need to spend thousands of dollars to get a good Medical Transcription education that will end in a job. I think with your books and a good dictionary you can get just as good a grasp for much less. You have always answered any questions promptly and I thank you for that.  Have a great day! -- Diane


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Medical Transcriptionist Course Training

Future MT's home study course is the most comprehensive medical transcriptionist course training system available in a single package.  This course is designed for students with no prior experience as well as those looking for refresher training.

The course is open enrollment, so you can enroll at anytime.

This is a self-paced home study course so you can go as fast or as slow as your time permits. The total time required is approximately 150-200 hours. On average, students complete the course in 3-6 months.  This depends entirely on how many hours a student is able to commit to the course.  Some students have passed the course faster and some have taken longer.

All students receive unlimited Live Mentoring from our trained professional mentors with many years experience in the medical transcription industry through the telephone or via email. 

Future MT's course is short and compact, yet it provides a broad overview of medical transcription as a career.  It reviews key knowledge in anatomy, medical vocabulary, clinical medicine, common diseases, diagnostic and surgical procedures, laboratory procedures, and pharmacology.  No other course available on the market today provides such a succinct, yet thorough, introduction to medical transcription.

This ground-breaking introductory medical transcriptionist course training offers a unique textbook, CD-ROM, and foot pedal combination including authentic physician dictation by body systems, coordinated readings and exercises by medical specialty, and supplementary information vital to every medical transcription student.  Students will learn how to transcribe authentic physician’s dictation, a distinct learning advantage over programs using professional readers as dictators.  Students will learn in real-life environments with background and voice distraction noises common in hospitals and clinics, and includes variables in dictation style and punctuation.

Grouped by medical specialty, each dictation report offers the best example of its type for vocabulary density, technical content, and other instructional criteria.  This medical transcriptionist course training also includes chart notes, letters, initial office valuations, consultations, history and physical examinations, discharge summaries, operative reports, emergency department reports, procedure notes, and diagnostic studies from each medical specialty. 

Students gain “real-life” transcription experience and understanding, and achieve the competency needed to obtain work as a medical transcriptionist.  This approach has been refined over time to provide medical transcription programs that enable students who successfully complete this program to transcribe for physicians and clinics.

Most personal computers that have a CD-ROM and speakers will be capable of running the software included in this medical transcriptionist course training.  View our complete Computer Requirements if you have questions concerning the compatibility of your PC with our software.

After enrolling in Future MT's course, students will receive everything necessary to start and finish the course.  Once students receive all the course materials in the mail, they can take the course at their own pace from the comfort of their home with unlimited support from Future MT's mentors whenever they have questions or need additional help.

Students will immediately be assigned a username and password once enrolled and given instructions how to access Future MT's BACK OFFICE to download the Instruction Manual and Course outline.  These two documents will provide all the instructions students will need to contact different departments, start and finish the course, receive a Certificate of Completion, and gain access to The Job Assistance Department. 

Please click the links below for complete details on these course materials.

Complete Textbook Details

Complete CD-ROM Details

Complete USB Foot Pedal Details

Future MT's medical transcriptionist course training is formatted to provide students with the necessary skills to start a career as a medical transcriptionist.  The Course Outline guides students how to submit their course assignments and receive a Certificate of Completion.  Students receive unlimited access and support to Future MT's staff for any questions or assistance needed throughout the entire course because Future MT is committed to every student's success! 

Upon completion of Future MT's course will provide a solid foundation and basic knowledge of real-world experiences for students to start working immediately. 



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